Despite Slight Deterioration, Vietnamese Consumers Rank 2nd Most Optimistic in APAC

Vietnamese consumers jumped to the second-highest position in the MasterCard Index of Consumer Confidence among the surveyed Asia-Pacific markets in the first half of this year, up from the fourth-best ranking in the previous semiannual survey.
Vietnam’s Consumer Confidence Index decreased 1.5 points to 90.8 points between January and June, just after Cambodia with 93.1 points. As such, Vietnam is rate “extremely optimistic”.
Asia-Pacific countries averaged consumers" confidence at 66.9 points, slightly up from the 62.7 points reported six months earlier, driven mainly by a bullish outlook on the stock market and employment.
The benchmark of Vietnam"s stock market has risen 20% so far this year.
Boosted by heightened expectations in its economic performance, South Korea has recorded the largest improvement in consumer confidence in Asia Pacific. Optimism in South Korea at its highest level since 1995, and the market’s meteoric leap in sentiment has propelled it from pessimistic territory to very optimistic territory over the last six months.
Likewise, Singapore and Malaysia also saw significant leaps in confidence, according to the index.
Nielsen said in August that Vietnamese consumer confidence touched a five-year high of 117 in the second quarter this year, up five points from Q4/2016, making Vietnam the fifth most optimistic country globally.
From April to June this year, MasterCard asked over 9,000 consumers in about 18 Asia-Pacific countries aged between 18 and 64 to give a six-month outlook on five economic factors including the economy, employment prospects, regular income prospects, stock market and quality of life.
The index is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100, with zero as the most pessimistic, 100 as the most optimistic and between 40 and 60 as neutral.
The Mastercard Index of Consumer Confidence survey has an over 20-year track record of consumer confidence indices collected from over 200,000 interviews Asia Pacific. It is the most comprehensive and longest running survey of its kind in the region, it claimed.


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